Monday, August 13, 2012

Primary Color Bins....NOPE!

This year I had to move rooms.  I decide to go out with the old and come in with the new, which meant new decor!  I pitched all of my old bins and get new ones.  However, before I actually threw out the old before getting the new...might have been a mistake.  Everywhere I looked, all I saw were primary colors.  I was frustrated, primary this, primary that!  I TEACH 8TH GRADERS!!!!  Primary is not their idea of decor, nor is it mine.  So, I purchased this...
This Lakeshore Learning product looked really functional for me.  I am going to use this for myself to store the items that I...
1.  Need to Copy
2.  Need to File
3.  Need to Complete
4.  Need to Correspond
However, the primary colors were a total drawback.  I thought and thought about it and then just entered my credit card number.  Yep....I hit the purchase button.  So I awaited its arrival, and a few other things that I am jazzing up!  Look for my next posts :).  While in the local Ace Hardware, I noticed they were having a sale on Duct Tape, not the silver kind, but the fancy schmancy kind!  I bought 3 rolls at $3 each...and still have leftovers.  I also bought some black spray paint.

So, I spray painted the primary blue holder (not sure what to call it) and the inside bottom of the primary colored bins black.  I am going for the black and pink look this year.  Thought it would be fun to jazz up my spirits a little!

One note of advice, do this in a well ventilated room, you can see the fumes in my picture!  After spray painting and letting them dry for 2 days, it was time to duct tape these bad boys.  I taped the bottom of the bins with the black duct tape.  The pink and zebra were used only on the outside and then the inside lining of the bins.  These were cardboard before, but I bet they are going to last a lot longer with the duct tape around them.  They are much sturdier and are now a lot heavier.  Perfect for my middle school classroom!  So, here it is..........the final product of my duct tape bonanza!!!!
Notice the little hand in the corner....that's my kiddo, always wanting to be in pictures!

This is my first official post and I have lots more to come...decorating my room is pretty darn exciting when you are starting from scratch!  Wait until you see my next Pinterest inspired creation!
I would love to know what people think about this little recreation!   What would you do with it?  Does it look tacky?  What else could I have a duct tape bonanza with???  Thanks!!!:)


  1. Found your blog through the new blogger initiative post over at Sam Shah's site. I'm waiting for that first prompt to arrive too! I love how your organizational rack turned out, so much better than primary colors!

    1. Thanks Jill! The primary colors drive me crazy! :) Let me know what your blog is and I will sign up! Thanks for visiting! I hope I can provide some interesting ideas on here.

  2. Your room is coming together so well. I love the pops of color that you have added to your room as well.

  3. Fantastic upgrade! And you did a mighty fine job of putting the duck tape on. I tend to struggle with that. :) Nice job. I also came over here via the new blogger initiative, look forward to reading more!